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Baba's Monthly Magazine
Published on Jan. 25, 2016, 9:23 p.m.

This Page is dedicated to Current Affairs Monthly Magazine for Civil Services (UPSC) Examination. 

With the way people generally study current affairs, a lot of them would find the above a tough nut to crack. The reason is that people focus on 'news' not 'issues'.  But, as per the latest trend of Mains examination, UPSC focuses on 'issues', and not just 'news'.

With the present, 1st edition, we try to make you understand - "How to cover issues?".

The magazine contains very relevant questions from recent issues which is followed by a comprehensive analysis of  the latest major issues. Since this is only a promotional magazine, we have not covered each and every issues. But from the next edition, we will be covering all the issues, major or minor, as well as news items from sources like The Hindu, Business Standard, Livemint, Indian Express etc. The magazine will be available bimonthly.

Let us know how did you find the magazine. With your feedback, criticisms, appreciation and suggestions, we will be able to give you increasingly better content. For, we believe there is no end to perfection. :-)

We wish you benefit the most from our endeavour.

Archives - 2015

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