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Published on Jun 11, 2017
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NLP Learning Strategy Effectiveness:

To continue with the example of reading, writing and recollecting information; let us look at how the technique of NLP can be used to better understand the effectiveness of these actions. First try and observe the trigger for action. Is it fear, excitement or simply a routine? Understanding this is very important as this gives you an idea of why you do what you do. If the trigger is fear, then probably you will not be able to wholeheartedly dedicate yourself with passion. Observing the tiny internal thought patterns that trigger action will help you to unlock the underlying systems and processes of learning. NLP can become an indispensable tool on your journey towards effectiveness and success. Here is an example of learning strategy from Microdot: A good way to ensure success when rising to meet a challenge such as learning a new skill is to follow these five principles for success:- Know your outcome Take positive action Have enough sensory awareness to know if you're being effective Have behavioral flexibility Operate from a physiology and a psychology of excellence A systematic and scientific approach to learning will increase your chances of success dramatically. Instead of approaching learning haphazardly and wasting enormous amounts of time simply expecting results; you can focus on the strategy and approach to learning. Here are few key points to remember about NLP Learning Strategy:
  1. There is a clear and definite patter to our learning
  2. The patterns are embedded in our thought process
  3. Key to unlocking the patterns is observation
  4. Use a test operate and test exist strategy to see if an action works
  5. Successful patterns can be cultivated
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