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[MOST AWAITED COURSE] GURUKUL ADVANCED for Veterans’ – UPSC/IAS 2023 – ‘A Rigorous, Intensive Tests & Mentorship Based Programme’!
Published on Sept. 22, 2022, 6:26 p.m.

From the ancient times we have had the tradition of imparting knowledge directly from a Guru to Shishya. The process of this direct dissipation of information from the source not only built knowledge base but also helped in building a strong character’ in the students.


Where students were like the family of a Guru. 

But with the present education system, students have become more distant from the teachers. There is a strong dis-connect! This lack of connection between the teachers and the students and fear of asking questions has not helped much in the process of learning as it should have actually happened.

Considering the impact and efficiency of the age-old practice, we decided to revive the good old structure of Gurukul with modern changes to continue the Guru – Shishya Parampara.

So, what made this Gurukul unique? It was the special bond that the Guru and Shishya used to share with each other. The affection of the Guru for his pupil and the respect of the Shishya for his teacher made learning a pure and immersive process. The stories of teachers like Vishvamitra, Sandinapani and Drona and the anecdotes about the brilliance of students like Ram, Krishna and Arjun are an integral part of our life journey. Isn’t it? We wondered if the parampara could be revived!

Yes, it could! With this intent we started the Gurukul program two years back at IASbaba. When we started this initiative, we were very sure that the process will be liked by the students and most importantly it will become the most result-oriented program in the history of UPSC/IAS coaching. The result of the first batch exceeded our own expectations! 3 Ranks out of 50 Students, 40% Success rate in Prelims, 33% Success rate in Mains.

Yes! We are in the process of making your UPSC journey a more intimate one. We are going to redefine the relationship between the teacher and the students to ensure that the UPSC aspirants get an opportunity to prepare in a highly focussed environment, under the close guidance of a Guru.

Although it would be unfair to expect the same level of dedication and discipline in today’s modern times, in terms of its overall essence and objectives, we can always make an honest attempt to create a milieu where the benefits of Guru-Shishya parampara can be reaped in a modern avatar.

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